“Dolack packages packages, and in so doing might just
be touching on the central substance of contemporary life.” 

James Yood, Glass Magazine-Winter 2001

“Glittering and sparkling, cherished and belabored, what is usually tossed into the trash is offered as something precious, worthy of my attention.” 

Jerry Bleem, U.S. Catholic-January 2009

“Linda Dolack’s richly textured replicas in glass beads of junk food packaging…draw you in with their unbelievably exquisite finesse. I defy viewers to remain immune to their charm.”

Benjamin Genocchio, Art Critic, The New York Times

“Dolack…chronicles the way communal desire—what we want
to eat, who we want to be—is manifested in a poetic of graphic
and visual exaggeration in an endless stream of breathless importunity perpetually asking for bits of our time and money.”

James Yood, Glass Magazine-Winter 2001

Numerous book, magazine and newspaper articles.

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